CCNA – Setting your exam schedule. The finale!

This is the final stage of your preparation, but this doesn’t mean you have to stop reviewing. Have your pile of notes be with you ALWAYS! times will casually come where you have to take it out and read a thing or two. So before we dive into the steps for the final stage of your preparation, let me just leave one simple advice – People tend to fail because they did not try hard enough or focused on one thing they want to achieve. If you studied, reviewed and understood all modules included in the exam, there is no way you will fail!

By that, let’s get started. Continue reading CCNA – Setting your exam schedule. The finale!


CCNA – Before Setting schedule for the exam.

Hey there! looks like you have completed all your modules from the course – Either online or school boot camps. I’ll  also assume you did some extensive reviews on different topics and configurations. And now, you are ready to take the final stage of getting your CCNA – the “exam“. Before that, you first need to set up a few things before you can actually proceed to setting your exam schedule. Lot of extra work to do? don’t worry, these are just very simple steps that would only take a few minutes of you time. On this page, I’ll show you how to create your Cisco ID and set a schedule and your preferred exam center for the exam.

Let’s get started!

Step 1. Register to Pearson Vue for test takers website.

They are a computer based testing solutions through secure, electronic test delivery accredited by Cisco. Facilitates exams that provides certifications and Licensees.

Step 1: On the website, you’ll see something like picture below. Type “Cisco” inside the text box field and “Cisco Systems” should populate, click that. Continue reading CCNA – Before Setting schedule for the exam.

CCNA – Preparing for review and exam.

On the previous blog, I have tackled some ways that I think would help aspiring CCNA ease the difficulty of studying, organize things up and hopefully pass the upcoming exam (I have personally used them during my study and it really helped!). Since you are reading this blog, I assume you have studied all modules and content included in the exam and ready for the review phase, if not this is still for you.

if you haven’t read the first series of this blog, check it out here CCNA – I passed my CCNA exam without boot camps.

Start from the beginning

Let’s say you have your notes from the course and other websites ready. What’s next? Well, let’s start with the obvious one – start from the first page and try to understand everything you have written on your notebook, if you forget something on that specific module, go back to the course and keep repeating until you understand everything. Continue reading CCNA – Preparing for review and exam.

CCNA – I passed the exam without boot camps!

Third quarter of 2017 when I decided to take my career into the next level. During that time, I had a back office job in a BPO international Company and doesn’t actually enjoy what I was doing- Repetitive and not so technical work and I feel like stuck on it everyday! plus the graveyard schedule. Its those reasons why I started to learn Computer Networking. I felt like if I could invest and spend time into something that will make my career grow, being productive and enjoy at the same time, CCNA was the best choice.

As a starter, I had limited knowledge in Computer networking and only know a few basic terminologies (Subnetting, routing, binary etc.) so I wasn’t sure if it was worth my time and money. But the thought of trying before quitting had me keep going. So when time came to enroll, there is one major thing I had to consider – I have work at night,How should I study? I immediately realized that going to school and boot camps are out of  options, so I started searching on the internet for online courses that will fit my budget and quality of teaching. There are lots of options varies on the way on how you like it but one website that caught my attention and fits my preference was Mnet IT.

Completed the course module? You are now ready for the next phase – CCNA – Preparing for review and exam.

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